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We are currently seeking EHS consultants to fill both full-time positions within our business as well as some contract temporary positions.  All contract positions have the possibility of becoming full-time positions for the right candidate. Go to the Contact Us page to read more about our open positions and to submit a resume

​​​​​​Sentinel Safety Group - Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene


Sentinel Safety Group is a professional solution provider focused on the occupational safety & industrial hygiene needs of clients.  Our team of experienced health and safety consultants has the know-how to stand watch over our clients most important safety & health needs.  Sentinel Safety Group’s team is well-versed in the methods and approaches required to effectively engage the challenges presented by today’s health and safety hurdles.  Whether you need to improve your safety culture, mitigate risk or reduce costs Sentinel Safety Group is here to watch out for your bottom line and your top priorities.  Sentinel Safety Group Industrial Hygiene Services.   Sentinel Safety Group Safety Compliance and Products

In our business we focus on the following core competencies but branch out into many other areas of service.  

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Health & Safety Management Systems
Sentinel Safety Group understands business is tough.  We recognize that in today’s business climate companies often struggle with the justification to support all aspects of EHS including overhead hires to manage safety.  Many clients choose to put their OSHA compliance and safety program maintenance in Sentinel Safety Group’s hands.  Ask your SSG representative today about our complete Health & Safety Management System.  We care about your safety – We are a Sentinel for the safety of our clients.

Compliance Auditing / Compliance Services
Compliance Audits provided by SSG not only identify issues but provide guidance for improving health & safety.  You will find value in our comprehensive approach to assessing your facilities and systems as we truly want you to understand the “why” and “how” as much as the “what” in order to help prioritize your path forward in implementing robust safety solutions.  Anyone can show up and give the client a “to-do list”.  Solving your problems is what sets us apart.   Let Sentinel Safety Group stand watch over your compliance auditing program; you won’t be disappointed. 

Our philosophy toward health & safety staffing is simple.  We listen to the needs of each client and match those needs with a staffing solution that maximizes client satisfaction.  Sentinel Safety Group staffing solutions offer the flexibility needed in an ever-changing economic environment.   We offer staffing choices that allow for short and long term positions, temp-to-hire and placement services if required to help fill full time positions. 

Industrial Hygiene Services
Sentinel Safety Group offers a comprehensive menu of industrial hygiene services.  Our industrial hygiene group, led by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), conducts exposure assessments, confined space surveys, noise exposure studies and mapping, indoor air quality investigations and mold and asbestos surveys.  This critical area of your operation needs the oversight of a caring professional.  We want to offer you peace of mind IH solutions.

Training is a cornerstone of any successful and proactive safety program.  Sentinel Safety Group takes a lot of pride in offering a wide-ranging catalog of heal lth and safety training topics from the very basic to advanced.  Our training and consulting team is dedicated to providing you with the most useful and up-to-date information available.  Our trainers and consultants will exceed your expectations while providing the tools students can use to make a difference in the workplace.  We work hand-in-hand with clients within the Fortune 500 to clients with less than 5 employees.  Our focus is on customizing client-based experiences that capture your goals.     Classes are available regionally in an open enrollment format or we can provide customized training at your site.  Just tell us what you need.

Safety Product Specialists
Personal protective devices present unique challenges to all clients.  Our experiences in this area of safety provide a consultative approach to helping clients achieve operational excellence in PPE solutions.  By providing “common sense” methods to implementing personal protective equipment strategies Sentinel Safety Group strives to maximize employee comfort while increasing bottom line profitability.  Our network of supplier relationships also allow for flexible supply chain options that allow for cost effective solutions with an eye on helping implement proven sustainability efficiencies.  Let Sentinel Safety Group analyze your strategy for personal protective equipment utilization today.